A home or a den, could this be water or acid? Light or Darkness, A shepherd or A Predator? A mother or A murderer? What description can be befitting, For an Elephant that tramples its young ones under feet, A battalion that kills its wounded soldier, Ancient that delights joy in destroying its younger ones,... Continue Reading →

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You tore the night apart, And ripped the silent skies in half, Your glory breaking through the dark, And here our worlds collide Divinity in man confined, This great design drawn out for me. Emmanuel, God with us Emmanuel, Halleluiah You hold the ends of time, Yet placed Yourself here into mine, My life is... Continue Reading →

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Bros your friend told you that it's easy, that you should just give it a try.But what they didn't tell you are the heavy sacrifices ahead. They promised you the whole world, yet what they are taking away from you is more than the world! Have you ever bring yourself to a pause before, to... Continue Reading →

"It is the Love of God that constrains us."the Holy Scriptures.


Beyond the beauties of this world,Lies a glorious city🏯.Beyond the imaginations of men,We found the sparkling cityMade of Gold.It's light is never sun nor moon,No darkness found there,Behold a magnificent lightProceeding from theExalted throne of Grace.Sickness, and death are not found there,For there we are transformed into immortals.Times and seasons are not in view,For we... Continue Reading →


It was so precious to all and to meBut it wasn't the solution.Behold the queen of Sheba with gold and silver, but it wasn't the solution.I rejoiced when I received the money, but it wasn't the solution. Money to me was a good thing but…..Give a child a Christmas cloth, toy and others, the child... Continue Reading →


Photo by Liza Summer on Pexels.com I never thought that I could love for once.To me, it's a story for the gods,Little did they know that I have locked my heart with a padlock,The key have I hidden that no man can unlock. When I looked I saw that most men could not be trusted,And... Continue Reading →


Before we discuss of how to stop masturbation, there are some things we need to considers, some question we need to ask ourselves. WHAT IS MASTURBATION?DOES MASTURBATION HAVE ANY SIDE EFFECT?IS IT HEALTHY FOR US?WHAT DOES THE BIBLE REALLY SAY ABOUT MASTURBATION?DANGERS OF MASTURBATIONWHAT TO DO TO STOP MASTURBATING. For a quiet a very long... Continue Reading →

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